This section consists of little projects that I came up with to keep sharp and have some fun. These entries exist as sketches and are not fully realized products or executions. By no means are these ready for, or, intended for public release.

Various motion vfx reels, and clips that were never used
Credit: Motion Designer, Art Director, Artist (self-initiated)

So much work gets unused and lost over the years. These are quick assembly edits of reels, course work samples, motion studies, sketches, and random stuff I thought would be fun to archive and show as demonstrations. 

Station IDs and Mixx AI – VFX Course projects
Credit: VFX, Motion Graphics

These are projects from VFX for Motion from School of Motion. I took the class to brush up on some skills.

Doritos: Even Jiminy
Credit: Voices, sound design, concept artist, VFX, Edit (self-initiated)

Even Jiminy loves Doritos! I found a bunch of clips of nature and mashed them into a Doritos commercial for the Superbowl contest.

Lincoln Parody
Credit: Voice talent, Writer, bad VFX (self-initiated)

A phone interview with Matthew McConaughey. They really should have had him wearing a Top Hat.

Something sketchy for Travis Scott social
Credit: Art Director, Motion Graphics (self-initiated)

This was an exploratory method of stretching text in a unique way to some music. All done in After Effects using only radial scale wipe

The Specimen Grid
Credit: Animation, sound design, concept artist (self-initiated)

This is an "faux-3D"experiment created only using After Effects.

Let The Show Begin – Unicorn & Fox
Credit: Animation, sound design, concept artist (self-initiated)

This is a little stop motion short I made to test out parenting rigging and animating some static Pixelsquid assets created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

Google Mnemonic
Credit: self-initiated Sound Design, Motion

Brand sound design sketch

GEICO: 'What If?' app
Credit: writer, designer, and art director (self-produced)

"What if" finder app intended for Geico. This is based on the old "What If" comic. Created in 2018. (Marvel released What If the series in 2021) cool coincidence! 

What if 007 didn't have a license to kill?




What if Cyndi Lauper never bopped?

What if James Brown didn't feel good?


What if Def Leppard poured sugar on you?

What if the Beach Boys didn't get around?

LinkedIn sound widget
Credit: voice over, animation, UI (self-initiated)

I am a huge fan of Art Director Zak Retz work on SCOOB and his sketching in general. His style is unmatched. I wanted to get his attention because, "like, I do voices man!" Here's one way it could be done on LinkedIn or any other social platform.

Scene Director (Example: Wu-Tang saga season 1)
Concept: designer, concept artist (self produced)

Imagine watching an episodic series or a trilogy and being able to take out the scenes and characters you love and mashing them into a clip that you can store and share as a scene director. This could be really fun and useful. Also would make the viewership experience that much greater. The idea came to me after binge-watching several series more times than once and identifying with each character enough that I was a bit obsessed.

Food QR Code stickers for produce
Credit: designer, concept artist (self produced)

Apples were the product of choice. I actually approached Tree Top to discuss adding some extra incentives for apple biters–perhaps you are or will be seeing these in the wild?


Tablet Movie & Music Interactive Games
Credit: designer, concept artist (self produced)

Bring the movies and music into your world!


Dino Hunt
Credit: writer, designer, and art director

Imagine walking about and using a GPS and a tablet to find Dinosaurs in the wild. Yes, you can destroy them or friend them. Maybe even add the event to your social feed! Or not!


ARtifact Discovery Space Walk
Credit: writer, designer, and art director

These are exhibit ideas involving AR. Discover facts and findings with an app that lets you walk about and track markers and items you inventory with your phone app.


Haptic Surgery Gloves
Credit: Concept Artist, Writer

Feel the surgery with feedback. 

The Orville Season Opener Stunt
Credit: retouch artist, writer, concept design 

I had a little fun with Seth MacFarlane and Elon Musk on social media and tried to excite them into getting some work on the show or just for some exposure. All of this is fictional and method acted by me. Here is what I did!

Social Media Photo Mash-Ups (more to come)
Credit: Photographer, Designer, self-initiated fun

I have been doing this since Worth 1000 days when I won my first ever 'Photoshop Phridays'. I went around the yard and a few other places, took some photos and manipulated them using Photoshop and my sense of humor.

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