Often I am asked to edit to sound, arrange, and create custom sound effects. I use NLE's and DAW's and keyboards to integrate audio into projects–mostly by need.

Sound design contest winner
Credit: sound designer, effects, foley

I entered a global sound design contest and won. Created with a DAW and a Roland Alpha Juno 2 Keyboard, and a few effects required from Soundsnap. 3D rendering animation by Rich Nosworthy.

School of Motion, Soundsnap, Rich Nosworthy

Google Mnemonic
Credit: Sound Design, Motion Design composite

Brand sound design sketch

Google, self-initiated

BFGoodrich - KDW Challenge Website
Credit: Web Animations, Motion (paper crumble, tire and cars, menu and effects), Sound Design

Created while at The Martin Agency (feat. Art Direction by Cory Pulliam), Kevin Power creative lead.

The Martin Agency

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