About Me

I love all things science, comedy, music, and film. I work as a generalist in artistic and creative direction, graphic design, and motion graphics with strong narratives. This catalog is a bi-product of many years of doing good work and working with good people.


I provide animation, motion graphics, design, video direction, vfx, and post-production leadership. I enjoy client interaction, strategizing, and planning for variable mediums.


I work with creatives and designers, writers, musicians, models, athletes, gamers, artists, producers, directors, scientists, engineers, speakers, and experts in nearly any category of design who want the best blend for their audio, video, interaction, and graphic needs.


Communications, production, planning strategy, direction, presenting. I use Adobe Creative Suite specifically: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mocha Ae, Premiere. I am skilled with Cinema 4D and a few external renderers. For sound composing or design I stick to Audition and Ableton and a few electronic instruments. Lottie, XD, Figma, or Sketch are close at hand for any UI or JSON GIF work.

Awards and Accolades

Documentary motion graphics - Chasing Einstein
Digital Short vfx artistry - Mission Control
Interactive web awards (fwa) - BF Goodrich-KDW Challenge Site

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